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Juliana Bianchi - Awaken Body Center

Juliana Bianchi - Awaken Body Center

Juliana Bianchi - Physiotherapist, Pilates, Garuda & the GYROTONIC® method

Juliana is a Brazilian physiotherapist who graduated from São Camilo University in São Paulo - Brazil in 2003. She has been working in private practice for over 15 years in São Paulo, London, Melbourne and Sydney.

Juliana completed her Masters Degree in Women's Health at Melbourne University in 2016. She had previously completed two Post Graduate certifications in Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy and Hospital Physiotherapy at the School of Medicine in the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

Juliana is the clinic’s specialist in providing Clinical Pilates for Dancers. She has had the pleasure of working with the rehabilitation of both aspiring ballet dancers and principal ballet dancers and artists of the Australian Ballet and Melbourne City Ballet in Melbourne. She also worked in partnership with the famous dance schools Glen Iris School of Dance, Australian Conservatoire of Ballet and Melbourne School of Classical Dance, coaching and rehabilitating young students for their exams and overseas auditions. Tango and Latin Dancers were also regular clients of Juliana’s during her time in Melbourne.

Juliana also has a special interest in providing Clinical Pilates for Blind Clients. During her time at Anna Tetlow Pilates in Melbourne, she gained experience working with blind and partially blind clients and developed the necessary modification techniques to ensure their lack of sight is not a barrier for them to practice Pilates.

​Juliana is an experienced and fully qualified Pilates, Garuda, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Instructor. Her experience also includes working in a variety of physiotherapy settings including Orthopaedics, Cardiorespiratory, Sports, Neurological, Rehabilitation, Women's Health and Pre and Post Natal.

​Juliana loves treating a variety of conditions using her Clinical Pilates and Gyrotonic skills and can help you with: dance injury and performance improvements for dancers ; Pilates for patients with visual impairment; rehabilitation of injury or post-surgery; muscular imbalance; postural assessment and re-education; pre and post natal pilates; including pelvic floor awareness; control and strengthening; improvement of muscular efficiency and patterning; enhancing sporting performance.

When not changing people’s bodies and movement habits through Pilates, Juliana loves spending her free time surfing, dancing or practicing Yoga, Qi Qong and meditation.


General availability:

Mondays to Fridays 7am to 5pm


Group classes with spaces available:

9am - Mondays - Pilates Reformer
10am - Mondays - Pilates Reformer
8am - Tuesdays - Pilates Reformer
10am - Tuesdays - GYROTONIC®
6pm - Wednesdays - Pilates Reformer
10am - Thursdays - Pilates Reformer
8am - Fridays - Pilates Reformer / GYROTONIC®
10am - Fridays - GYROTONIC®

​Further classes available upon request.

Pricing for GYROTONIC® & Pilates:


Casual Session $130
10 package $1200, 3 month expiry.​


Casual Session $150
10 package $1400, 3 month expiry.


Casual Session $60
10 package $550, 3 month expiry.

Quad or Quintet

Casual Session $50
10 package $450, 3 month expiry.


Call: 0415 728 011

Awaken Body Center - Rose Bay - Sydney
105/91 O’Sullivan Road
Rose Bay, NSW, 2029

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